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Devotions to the Goddess Saaga

Stacey Lynne Stewart and Robert L. Schreiwer are looking to increase the presence of devotional items to more deities within the Urglaawe context. This year (2023), we are encouraging people to write poems or stories, draw/paint pictures, create images, sing songs, and more to the goddess Saaga. Saaga is a goddess associated with creativity, art, music, and history, so it is appropriate that we begin this annual project in Her honor. Works submitted to us prior to December 5, 2023, will be set on the stage, read, or otherwise utilized at Philadelphia’s Parade of Spirits on Saturday, December 9, 2023. Those who are able to attend the Parade are invited to read their work or sing their song during the entertainment portion of the Parade. Who Is Saaga? Allow us to introduce Her to you through a poem Stacey wrote last year:   She is the story She is the song She is the poem  She is the laughter She is the tear She is the memory  She is the grand painting of the master, and the humble cr